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Monday, October 30, 2006

Photos From Our Last Day

Tomorrow we wake up at 6AM, get picked up at 8AM, and are on a noon flight to Chicago. After 4 hours there we are on a flight to Los Angeles. And, after two months in Paris, we are both happy and sad that this trip is coming to an end.

While we're flying I will write up some other blog entries: best memories, final totals (i.e. how many different cheeses we tried, etc.). Those will be posted Wednesday. For now, here are some photos we took today as we made our way through Paris one more time!


Blogger Melodie said...

Oh, I haven't looked for a few days and suddenly I'm in Cassie photo heaven! Cassie in grape fields, in cafes, in incredible Paris scenery...

What an incredible collection of photos of all of you. I can see that you've enjoyed your journey tremendously. You look almost like Parisians :)

5:51 PM  

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