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Sunday, August 20, 2006

"And Then We Met Lori"

***Aug 2011, Lori has asked us to update this entry with her business phone number, which is 310-837-6397***

*** Feb 2013 Lori's email address is***  And, we've got a new dog Emmy, who Lori is helping us train!

In several prior entries I've mentioned our dog trainer. Now it's time to explain just why we are so enthusiastic about her.

At the start of our planning this 2 month trip to Paris we'd had 2 goals -- to speak some (as much as possible) French while there, AND, if we could, to enjoy the trip with our dog Cassie. I've written about what a difficult dog she was, how she would bark at and lunge at people, etc. Yet, we were somewhat locked into taking her to Paris -- because we couldn't come up with anything else to do with her, short of calling in BIG favors and asking one of our siblings to take her.

Our minimum definition of success was that Cassie improved to the point that she could hang out in the apartment and take occasional walks (at least to go to the bathroom) without getting us into trouble. For the rest of Paris, we'd have to be on our own. Our fantasy definition of success would be that we could take her into stores and cafes, on walks as we explored the city, and into some restaurants.

Cassie 'graduated' yesterday. We had our final session with Lori. And, on the ride home Maxine & I were as happy as we could possibly be. Lori had made it possible for us to get to our fantasy level of success with Cassie. Graduation included Cassie laying under a table while we ate lunch, and going into stores, and laying on the floor in one store while we talked to the people working there. Besides, it's nice to be able to go to Malibu with your dog!

So, for anyone else who needs, or wants, *the best* dog trainer, here is Lori Peikoff's email address: Please be aware that while I have her permission to include this address, she in no way asked for this praise. Maxine & I are quite simply ecstatic that we now have a dog we can take to Paris.


Tom & Maxine


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