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Monday, November 06, 2006

Some More Pictures -- Gerard Mulot Bakery Tour

Here are the last of the 'missing pictures' -- things we forgot to include in earlier blog entries.

This series is from another of our Meet the French programs. In particular these are from the 'factory' of Gerard Mulot.

We were lucky -- he has 2 stores, this one and one a block away from our apartment. They make chocolates, pasteries, breads, sandwiches. They're considered to be one of the best bread and sweets shops in Paris (having them a block away is what was lucky!). As to this being a factory, I'd guess it was under 2000 square feet in size. Maxine is posed outside of it.

Making chocolates. These are the multicolored ones with fillings -- you can see 3 of them on the marble counter in the foreground.

The chocolatier at work. They are pouring out fruit filling from a very 'used' copper pot.

Making macarons -- Maxine's favorite sweet snack in Paris! (the green things in this photo)


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