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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Travel Day -- Part 2

I'd mentioned that we kept Cassie in her bag on the floor of the plane near our feet. That seemed to work out fine. Originally we'd had in mind things we'd seen other people do (on one or two occasions) -- taking their dogs out of their bags, etc. But, it just seemed unfair to hold out the hope of escape knowing that there were so many hours to go.

A side benefit of this discretion was the complete surprise of our fellow passengers as we disembarked. Everyone around was surprised to see me holding a bag with a dog in it. This was, to us, an accomplishment. In our pre-Lori days we had a great deal of fear that she would bark her way through the flight. In fact, we deliberately did not take Ambien on the flight (the very effective sleeping pill) because we wanted to be able to deal with it if Cassie became a problem on the plane.

The trip from the airport to the apartment was uneventful. After a quick settling in, we took Cassie for a walk (remember the 12 hours in the Sherpa bag!) The 6th is a very multicultural neighborhood with more than one or two English language conversation snippets to hear as you walk down the streets. Yet, what made the troubles of bringing our dog start to make sense was the comment from the elderly French man we passed, who paused when he saw her to say "adorable" (it sounds a lot more evocative with a French accent). Later still, we passed a young couple. As we came up towards them I could hear the guy saying "petit Lassie" -- he reached down to pet her and all went fine. We were feeling welcome in our new temporary home -- our dog was welcome.

Jet lag is troublesome!!! Asleep by 7 or 8PM after eating a prepared foods dinner from the local grocery store. Awake again at 2AM, etc. throughout the night

In this string of largely good and positive experiences, we have unpacked and are settling in for the duration!


Blogger Melodie said...

The three of you are "adorAble"! Great stories - I'm so impressed by all of your adaptability. It sounds like you've moved right in.

7:12 PM  
Blogger Ken said...

Hi Tom and Maxine, Nice posts, I am interested in your trip, so keep writing about what you are doing. -Ken

2:47 AM  
Blogger charlottebradley said...

Bonjour Maxine, Tom & Cassie! J'espère que tout continue à passer bien à Paris. J'aime bien les blogs!

Charlotte & Chris Bradley

3:35 AM  

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