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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A Great Day

After nearly 2 weeks, I have finally embraced being in Paris!

OK, I've known all along I was in Paris. But, we've beeen pretty focused on making sure we're here in a way that at least somewhat resembles living here. So, rather than visiting many museums we've been checking out bread stores, restaurants, grocery stores, how the Metro works, etc... So, we haven't spent much time at all yet doing the things that are singularly 'Parisian' in the sense of a visitor.

Today, I stopped by the American Library in Paris ( I've gotten a library card and needed to return some books. The library is in a great neighborhood over by the Eiffel Tower. So, after I picked up my books I walked the 2 blocks over to the Eiffel Tower's park grounds. There were hundreds of people in the park, and quite a few more at the base of the tower.

What I chose to do was to find a bench in the shade (it has been in the 80's and maybe low 90's here!) and read one of my books. From where I was laying on the bench I could see the base of 2 of the legs of the tower and (let's call it) the thigh of one of the legs of the tower. That was it, for 45 minutes. After I stirred from my book I started walking towards the Tower. Everyone has seen it, either in pictures, a movie, or in person. I can't really add much at all to the description of it, so I'll just say that as I came close to it, the feeling became more majestic.

Yes, I can see that I'm in Paris! The weather is great! The parks are pleasant, and the Tower is the Tower.

P.S. Unlike the Luxembourg Gardens (very near our apartment) where dogs aren't very welcome, they seem to be quite welcome at the Eiffel Tower parks. So, at some point Cassie will get to go there -- and I'll put up on this blog a picture of Cassie in front of the definitive Parisian sight!!!


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