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Saturday, September 09, 2006

St. Sulpice Church

We are staying down the street from St. Sulpice (the picture placed in this blog entry), which we've read is larger than Notre Dame. We haven't had a chance to go inside yet, despite having been at the front door at least 20 times.

What is St. Sulpice? If you've read or seen Da Vinci code, it's the church at the start of the book/movie where Paul Bettany (in the movie)/Silas (the character) digs up the stones inside the church to find what he hopes is 'the secret' (I won't say more).

Anyway, we're staying just down the street, which means people walking by all the time. Cassie has taken to looking both ways when she leaves the apartment to make sure no one is coming at that moment.


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